Hydraulic vibration-free support of the roof of the "Peace and Friendship Stadium"
The support was perfomed by 64 horizontal hydraulic absorbers which allow slow movement of the roof with its ring, on the 32 support pillars (collumns) within a displacement of 150mm, but they react on a rapid change of displacement.  more...
Construction of 2 placing and fixing installation of pipes of the Attica sewage pipeline
The double Pipe Placer has carried and placed (in situ position 70 meter below sea level), the pieces of the Underwater Pipe System for the sewage transport of Attika on the sea bottom at a depth of 70 m.  more...
Construction of a hydraulic trailer transporting and unloading vessels
The trailer is used for the transport and disposition of vessels with a weight up to 30 tones. On the trailer frame there are six lifting carriers with elastic stands for the reception of the vessel. The tugged trailer transports the vessel to its reception location, where it recepts the vessel by entering underneath a special metallic base with the help of its (U) shape. more...
Sea - salt collection machines
Collection speed 0 - 80 m/min.
Moving speed without load 0 - 200 m/min.
Average hourly collection capacity 120 to/h.
All movements of the machine are hydraulic powered .
The motor horse power of this machine is 125 PS.
Control systems for tractors lateral stability.
The system is used for the determination of the lateral stability as well as the determination of the torque of inertia of tractors. The tractor reception platform can be operated in two different ways:
a) Rotating the platform around the elongate achse at the side of the platform for the determination of the tractor lateral stbility.
b) Lifting and oscillating the platform for the determination of the tractor torque of inertia.
All the system movements are hydraulic, and the results are displayed and recorded with a help of a PC.
Hydraulic elevation and decent of floating platform
The hydrulic unit was constructed for the movement (elecation and decent) of a 2000 tones heavy floating platform that is used for works in a sea environment (perforation, caisson building etc.). The hydraulic pumps are supplied by diesel engines. There are two engines allowing two various platform movement speeds. The control is achieved from the control station, that together with the electric and automation panel is located in an indepented room on the platform.
Specialized Hydraulic movable tractor for detachment and depositing hinges of lignite
All tractors movements are hydraulic and the hydraulic units pumps are supplied by a diesel engine. The gross weight of the machine is 55 tones including the maximum load of 35 tones. The tractor's travel speed is variable with a maximum value of 8 km/h. The detachment of lignite hinges from it's axis is succeeded from the tractor with a maximum hydraulic pressure of 1500 bar and a maximum force of 7500 KN.
Hydraulic system of rotation and elevation of sieve - systems of mechanical sewage recycling factory at Ano Liossia
The adjustable rotation is succedeed through low-speed hydraulic motors. The rotation start and stop follows predifined lines controlled through PCs. The whole project is composed of 12 units.
Hydraulically driven machinery for harvesting, conveying and treatment of salt
Hydraulic movement of a screw - type conveyor.
The movement command and the RPM regulations is done from a distance of 60m.
The construction was done for the Sea - Salt Production Works in Messology.
Hydraulic winches for ships and for floating cranes of 2 x 8 to 30 tonnes with automatic brake and free rotation
The winches are used in floating platforms for their manoeuvre and their anchor. They are autonomous and carrie two drums. The maximum pulling ability of each drum is 80.000 to 300.000 N. The hydraulic pumps are powered from a diesel engine. Every drum has a hydrostatic automatic brake, hydraulically released. more...
Dynamometric vehicle for agricultural tractors
Movable vehicle for the measure of pull potency of agricultural tractors. The entire vehicle movement is hydraulic. The pumps rotation is succeeded through a diesel engine. The vehicle is occupied with all the necessary mechanical and electrical systems for its connection with the tested tractor. more...
2 Hydraulic independent researching winches for the measurement of underwater parameters
The winches wre constructed and installed on the "Naftilos" oceanic research boat. They are indepedent, electrohydraulic and they carry a drum with a special steel wire. Attached at the end of the wire are the CTD and  SSS/SBP research appliances. The length of the CTD steel wire is 3000 meters and of the SSS/SBP steel wire 2000 meters. The maximum pulling ability of the winches is 30.000 N. more...
The winch was constructed and installed on the "Naftilos" oceanic research boat. It carries a wire rope drum, two bluff drums, a drum clutch, a manual mechanical ... more...
Independent winch of general use with two rope drums and one drum for the conduction of underwater research with free rotation
Navy telescopic crane with lifting capacity 1tn at 7,5m
The winch was constructed and installed on the "Naftilos" oceanic research boat. It is indepedent, electrohydraulic with both the hydraulic unit and the electrical panel in-built. The three steps telescopic arm has a maximum spam of 7,5 meters. The lifting ability at the maximum spam is 10.000 N.
In front of the five metal grates of the water entrance of the pumping station DP2 moves a metal raddle with a vertical 7 meter route, cleaning every grate separately from the material which is collected in front of it.
The raddle transports and disposes the material in a vat on the barrow in which the raddle and all system's mechanisms are placed.
The barrow moves in the roof of the pumping station bringing and disposing automatically the material of every grate at the end of its route.
The whole cleaning process is automated and is being executed either periodically or when the difference of the water's level before and after the grates reaches a predefined height.
All the system's movements are hydraulic.
Automated cleaning system of the grates of the pumping station DP2 in lake KARLA
Autonomous Hydraulic Winch of 100.000 N lifting capability
Autonomous winch of 100.000 N lifting capability suitable for use in:
1. Lifting or lowering earth drill in tilted ground and stabilizing the drill while in operation. Operating length is approximately 80m.
2. Lifting masses and machinery of earth-moving operations and delivering them up to 50m lower than the winch level.  more...
Aluminium Air-duct Production Line
The air-duct production line consists of three independent units which work simultaneously and together they complete the production of the ducts:
1. Helical aluminium duct production unit
2. Automatic duct cutting unit that cuts the duct while in motion, in predetermined lengths.
3. Automatic conveying and compressing unit that moves the duct segments ... more...
Hydraulic Ship Lift System of Hovercrafts (Zubr/Pomornik)
The Ship Lift system is used for the lift of the hovercrafs, in maximum height 2.30m from the platform floor, in a completely horizontal elevation movement. The system consists of four hydraulic lift units, connected per two by horizontal firm beams, of four vertical capstans and the control room, where the hydraulic movement units, the pump station and the control and monitoring panel are located.  more...
The movements of the screeding machine include:
- The vertical parallel displacement of the six hydraulic cylinders for the screeding machine elevation and descent, as well as the autonomous displacement of every cylinder independently, in bringing them to a horizontal position.
- The forward-reverse displacement of the screeding machine bucket by two hydraulic cylinders and the simultaneous clamp or release of the steel carrier through the clamping units.  more...
Underwater Screeding Machine Movement System
Underwater Pipe Layer Movement System
Study and construction of an underwater pipe layer movement system for pipes of diameter 3000 mm.
The system is composed of a hydraulic unit with its power and control panel as a single unit located an a floating crane, as well as sensors and hysraulic cylinders for the movement of the pipe layer. These movements are:
-The vertical synchro movement of all four supporting legs of the Horse to control the vertical position as well as individually for any of the four legs in order to achieve accurate positioning of the horse and the pipe. more...
Movable Salt - Washing machineries
The washing machines operate in the Nea Kessani and Mesi salt works.
The machines collect the salt from the transport wagons and washes it with salt solution. At following, it stows the washed salt with the help of a transport belt to it's storage location.
Every unit can process 150 tones of Salt per hour. The required power is 80 KW.