The Ship Lift system is used for the lift of the hovercrafs, in maximum height 2.30m from the platform floor, in a completely horizontal elevation movement.

The system consists of four hydraulic lift units, connected per two by horizontal firm beams, of four vertical capstans and the control room, where the hydraulic movement units, the pump station and the control and monitoring panel are located.
Hydraulic Ship Lift System of Hovercrafts (Zubr/Pomornik)
- ZUBR weight :390 to
- ZUBR lift height :2300 mm
- Lift speed :2,5 mm/sec
- Hydraulic lift pumps :4
- Maximum operating pressure :250 bar
- Maximum lift force per unit :1750000 N
- Capstan maximum pull force :60000 N
- Max. operating pressure of capstan hydraulic motors :450 bar