This winch is in accordance with all security regulations for the above described operations. It is equipped with:

- Two automatic brakes, one mechanical static of 150.000 N resistance force with hydraulic release mechanism and one hydrostatic brake of 200.000 N resistance force for the revolving speed adjustment of the drum.
- One control lever for all winch commands such as lift-lower, fast-slow and engage-release the static brake before the drum starts revolving or after is has stopped.
- Hydrostatic hydraulic movement both for the lift and lower operations.
- Adjustable revolution speed of the drum from 0 to 20 m/s.
- Automatic engagement of the static brake if power failure or hydraulic failure (in the hydraulic lines) occurs.

The winch is automatic, hydraulic and combines all the hydraulics and the control and operation panel into a single unit.
Autonomous Hydraulic Winch of 100.000 N lifting capability
Autonomous winch of 100.000 N lifting capability suitable for use in:

1. Lifting or lowering earth drill in tilted ground and stabilizing the drill while in operation. Operating length is approximately 80m.

2. Lifting masses and machinery of earth-moving operations and delivering them up to 50m lower than the winch level.

The winch can be used in any other lifting-pulling operation.