In front of the five metal grates of the water entrance of the pumping station DP2 moves a metal raddle with a vertical 7 meter route, cleaning every grate separately from the material which is collected in front of it.

The raddle transports and disposes the material in a vat on the barrow in which the raddle and all system's mechanisms are placed.

The barrow moves in the roof of the pumping station bringing and disposing automatically the material of every grate at the end of its route.

The whole cleaning process is automated and is being executed either periodically or when the difference of the water's level before and after the grates reaches a predefined height.

All the system's movements are hydraulic.

The rotation of the hydraulic pumps is being done by an electric motor.

The whole system functions without an operator.
Automated cleaning system of the grates of the pumping station DP2 in lake KARLA